The Big Bach provides a unique work retreat opportunity.

All planning and training sessions can take place in the spacious, light and stylish open plan living, which overlooks the sea and out to Kapiti Island.

The large dining room table works well as a boardroom table and can comfortably sit 10 people as a working space.

Catering can be provided by the local catering companies which offer a delicious range of dining options to suit your requirements.

One night stays negotiable for weekday stays.

What do corporate say about the Big Bach?

“We put our staff into teams and gave clues out for how to get to the Big Bach. The final clue involved them having to get to here via the beach. It was a great way to start the two day retreat”. General Manager for a Government Agency.

“During down time away from our planning we had games on the beach. Everyone loved it”. Manager Banking IT department.

“Each group was in charge of catering different meals. It was an opportunity to get to know each other better and at the same time experience some great food”. Team Leader for a national insurance provider.